Mike and Mike are talking about this column from this mornings DetNews.

Its pretty ballsy for anybody to even consider calling Aaron a coward let alone headlining your article with it.

Aaron doesnt owe anybody an explanation for his actions, but hey thats just my opinion

Shame on Aaron for not being supportive of Bonds

Hank Aaron is a coward. He's taking a stance but not saying what it is.
There's no other way to look at it. Aaron, the home run king, is playing a neutral role in the biggest sports debate since whether hits king Pete Rose deserved to be in the Hall of Fame.
It's clear Barry Bonds will supplant Aaron as the king of the long ball. Bonds is 18 home runs away from No. 756, one better than Aaron.
Still, Aaron says he will notbe there when he drops to No. 2.
Why? Who knows. Or more like, we allknow.
It comes down to accusations Bonds used steroids, even though the slugger hasn't been found guilty.