• This Cups For You

    Let me be very, very, very selfish.

    This Stanley Cup was for the people. This was for the unemployed auto workers, the people between jobs and the people who are worried about losing their homes. This is for the man and woman who want so badly to go to every Red Wings game but cannot afford to do so.

    We watched hard working and deserving players celebrate the Wings fourth Cup in 11 years following a 3-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6. They are the ones who put their blood and sweat into this. They deserved the accolades and the moment.

    But I cannot help but think of the thousands of people in metro Detroit who needed this and deserved it just as much.

    We are in pain. We are suffering and people are almost on their hands and knees. That is why the Wings had to win this Cup. Sports fans here put their heart into their sports teams and it would have been a shame for all of their dreams to vanish in thin air.

    It hurt to see the Pistons not care enough to give 100 percent in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. It is painful to see the Tigers season blow up in smoke. All we had was the Red Wings. Thank goodness they came through.

    The problems this community faces do not go away. People are still unemployed. More business will continue to shut their doors and more of our great talent will move out of state. However, the Wings ease the pain somewhat.

    Thousands will converge on downtown Friday for a Red Wings love fest that will end at Hart Plaza. It will be our day to escape and forget.

    This town really needed this celebration.

    Congrats to the Wings, their fans and the entire community.

    Now go celebrate!

    I can be reached at Terry.Foster@detnews.com or 313-222-1494. Listen to the Valenti and Foster Show Thursday (2-6 p.m. as we discuss the Wings victory.)