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    With October in the books and summer behind us things are just warming up in the sports world. The NHL is one month in, The NBA just kicked off week 1, The game everybody wished was the Super Bowl happens this Sunday between the similarly undefeated Pats and the Colts and perhaps more important around these parts its Rivalry Weekend UM v MSU (Go Blue, Go Green, Muck Fichigan, Go suck dairy product from an utter etc etc...)
    It's a great time to be a sports fan in the Great Lakes Basin.

    On to the Plus / Minus

    Henrik Zetterberg
    Crosby Who? A Plus this week goes out to Henrik Zetterberg for his magnificent start to the 07/08 NHL Season. 12 Goals and 12 Assists for 24 points and a plus 9 in 14 games has him on a torrid pace for 140 and is leading the league in points. Playmaking and defense seldom go hand in hand, but Hank does it with style. I think I can guess what (Or who) his muse is!

    Another Plus goes to the Detroit Lions Football Club. Specifically their Defense. The Lions D manhandled the defending NFC Champion Chicago Bears this past week to complete a season sweep on hostile turf no less. The formerly lowly Lions are now 5-2. The last time something Ford made started this well it was my Grandfathers 68 Mustang. Good luck this week against Denver.

    On the Negative side of things I'm putting my thumb down on Gary Bettman and his handling of the Rick Tocchet situation. For those of you who dont know Rick Tocchet was accused of and plead guilty to being involved with an illegal gambling ring. What turned up in the course of the investigation was that Tocchet placed wagers on Football and Basketball for friends and most notably Wayne Gretzky's wife Janet. Under no circumstances did Tocchet place any bets or give any info on the NHL. He took a voluntary leave of absence when the allegations were laid and he's been out for nearly 2 years basically under voluntary suspension.

    Phoenix wants him back, Phoenix needs him back. The case is closed and Bettman had the opportunity to have this black eye issue closed for good by simply reinstating Tocchet effective immediately. In a completely confusing move Bettman decided he needed to suspend Tocchet until February 7, 2008 to make it a full 2 years out of the game. According to Bettman 2 years is a "nice even number". Well i'm glad that 2 will look good on the NHL Record book, but all it really does is guarantee this situation comes up in the press one more time to embarass the NHL in 3 more months. Nice one Gary

    Go Green, Go White, Go State! My Final Minus of the week goes to MSU. I recently heard you've had no 10 or 15 year Reunions/Celebrations/Honorings of the 1988 Rose Bowl Winning Spartan Football Team or else they forgot to invite Mandarich. For a team looking for a new identity and restart their program maybe they should look to reclaim an old Identity. One of Winning, One of Bowl Success, One of beating Michigan. I realize i'm not a Sparty and I barely knew what college football was in 88, but that further serves to prove my point. Athletes need to be educated on their history and specifically MSU needs to learn about the successes in its History instead of just the defeats.
    It starts tomorrow!

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